Amy Field
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 474

The Second Book In The Bernstein Family Romances SeriesMeet Ruby, the brilliant, clever daughter of the Bernstein family. She's not the kind to be married off in an arranged marriage or go somewhere as a mail order bride; no, she's the career type in an era when women were meant to be mothers and wives. But then a bad boy cowboy with a reputation crosses her path, and upsets her budding career as an animal doctor with his obnoxious behaviour! Worst of all, suddenly she is stuck in a situation she is totally unprepared for, and it's all his fault! How will she manage to stay true to her passions for healing the sick, and yet not forsake the passion of love? Download this entertaining, beautiful story of love from a bygone era!** Includes fifteen romantic stories from The Romance Reading Room library **
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