Stan C. Smith
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 204

Some worlds are better left alone.Infinity Fowler has been fighting all her life. As a child, she had to fight for survival. Then she fought professionally. But when humans obtained the technology to bridge to alternate versions of Earth, she saw a chance for a new life. She signed up to become a bridger—an elite fighter and survival expert who protects tourists bridging to alternate worlds.Desmond Weaver is a tourist making a last-ditch effort to complete his PhD in evolutionary biology. He has booked the excursion of a lifetime, a data collection mission to a vastly different version of Earth. If he fails, his career will be over.Infinity is Desmond’s assigned trainer and bridger. She is one of the best, willing to die protecting tourists. And also willing to kill. When it’s time to bridge, Desmond and his two college roommates feel well prepared.But they aren’t. Naked and ...
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