Frieda Watt
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 510

"The Displaced is an engaging work set in one of the most intriguing locales in Canadian history." — Kirkus ReviewsStranded in a besieged fortress, can a strong refugee woman survive and fight for her true love? Canadian Author Frieda Watt transports us into the barbaric world of 18th century colonial America where treachory, murder, and rival armies fight violent turf wars in Volume One of her epic new series, The Displaced: Fall of a Fortress. In 1744, the mortar in the walls of Louisbourg fortress is still wet as Britain advances to conquer this new French city, its citizens both protected and imprisoned by its massive stone ramparts.  Torn between clashing empires and contentious families, Marie Lévesque fights to find a place in the unforgiving frontier of Canada. As a young woman, her life is just beginning. Her friendship with Pierre promises of something more. But their ...
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