David Reichart
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 202

News of a murder hadn’t spread through Mobile so fast since the day President Kennedy was shot. Adam Becker, a hometown baseball star who had recently signed a six-million-dollar contract and was soon to make his major league debut, is found shot in the head in a car parked near his apartment.Nine months later, the case remains unsolved. Frustrated by the lack of progress, Becker’s family hires Jesse Yates to watch over Adam’s sister, Cheryl, as she sets out to contact a wide circle of her brother’s acquaintances, searching for any nugget of useful information that the police failed to dig up.It’s a long shot, and yet the strategy quickly pays off. A former girlfriend remembers that Adam once refused to go into a tavern when he saw a certain individual inside. Identification and surveillance of that person by Palm Court detectives leads further to an enigmatic ...
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