Charles Veley
Publisher: Wilton Press
Pages: 431

A long-awaited wedding. A ring of dangerous diamond thieves. And a murderer with an all-too-familiar modus operandi . . .London, 1897--Love is in the air! Lucy James, daughter of famed detective Sherlock Holmes, is finally poised to marry her sweetheart, Jack. But Lucy isn't the only one who's starry-eyed--Dr. Watson's attention has been captivated by a beautiful and alluring woman . . . who may not be at all what she seems.It's not all romance and roses, however. In the midst of wedding-planning, Lucy, Holmes, andWatson must take on a nefarious diamond-smuggling ring. And, just as they are making headway, a familiar evil puts all of London on edge.A young woman is found dead, and her murder is reminiscent of those committed by Jack theRipper. Has the infamous killer resurfaced? Or is some other sinister plan afoot? The intrepiddetective trio is determined to find out.Danger escalates ...
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