Katie Wyatt
Publisher: Royce Cardiff Publishing House
Pages: 72

Hannah, a woman who has lost one husband already during the Civil War. She’s thrown herself into reform movements in order to find her purpose in life, but love seems far out of reach. After all, she’s already had one chance. As she watches what is happening out west, she realizes that society there gives more power to women and also needs reform much more than any society out west. With no family left and nothing to keep her in New York, she decides to start her life over in San Mateo, California—a place that offers all the potential she could ask for.Will Hannah balk at the shock her husband-to-be has in store for her?Can she manage to become the kind of woman her new life demands?Will she have to give up everything she is passionate about to please the man she is growing to love?Settle in as we all go on Hannah’s journey. You will see that her faith is what gets her through the ...
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4.5 stars from 31 ratings
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