Andre Balanji
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 239

Filippa is the young Princess of Urdisaeria. The Kingdom being in a perpetual state of war with its sworn enemy, the Kharoners, the King has kept a close watch over Filippa and has confined her to the capital, Yildenshire, for her entire life. Knowing that his little girl will someday leave his side and become Queen of Urdisaeria, he accepts the fact that she can only learn so much within the city walls. Wanting to show her the world that stretches beyond the walls and acquaint her with life’s obstacles, they set off on a journey to explore the Kingdom. Despite their quick wit and caution, they soon find themselves pursued by an unknown force. As the threat looms closer, Filippa is quickly confronted with the flaws and imperfections of the outside world. Unable to tame the budding curiosities inside herself, she forges her own path, ignoring the risks that may lay ahead. Racing ...
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