Dusty Wilcox
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 332

Discover the secrets of the earth realm supernatural in book 1 of the installment. Follow Leona King on her journey from hardened Guardian to a creature that is so much more. The Council is all the supernatural world has for a government, and the stick they choose to wield are the Guardians. Leona King is the Council’s most effective Guardian. Kicking supernatural tail and taking names is her modus operandi. Raised from early childhood to do the Council’s bidding, Leona struggles to stay on the right path. When she is assigned to take out the Tutka werewolf clan, her life takes a turn she never expected. She comes face to face with Rayne, and everything she knows comes crashing down around her ears. Secrets about Leona's life come to light as love, betrayal, and truth come to uncover a plot that could destroy the supernatural world. A world that she has vowed to protect, but this time ...
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