Sara C. Roethle
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 324

A small part of Madeline had hoped to call the Salr home, but hope can be a cruel thing. Now it’s up to her to find what everyone else is looking for, and she’ll have to commune with the dead to do it. The real question is, what will she do with the ancient charm when she finds it?Enter the mischievous Viking. Mikael seems to know more about Madeline’s quest than she does. His ancient vendetta will take her back to his homeland. Unfortunately for Madeline, Mikael was born about a thousand years ago. In order to return home, Madeline will face the massacre of an ancient village, less than friendly Vikings, and the spinners of fate themselves. The stakes are higher than ever, but at the very least, Madeline finally knows just what, and who, she’s fighting for.
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