Tarah Scott
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 126

Mia Allerton is in need of a husband—for her sister. After her father’s imprisonment for theft of a duchess’s jewels, Mia and her aunt set out to marry off Mia’s younger sister before their disgrace ruins Angeline’s chances of making a good match—and they run out of money. They plan to sell the estate, send Mia's two younger brothers to university, then live quietly in the country.When a rich gentleman purchases the neighboring property, Mia’s aunt tosses their plans to the wind and decides he is the answer to their troubles. All Mia must do is seduce him. Magnus Forbes intends to live a quiet life far from the scandals that embroil his father and brother. Sir Stirling James mediates a deal to purchase land north of Inverness where Magnus can live as a well-to-do rancher and not as Lord Magnus, second son to the infamous Duke of Ballanton and his reprobate heir. Too late ...
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