D.P. Mendes-Kelly
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 190

It is 1985 and forty-year-old retired police detective Roberta's life is falling apart.Leaving behind the Force and a useless husband had been a chance to build a new future as a private detective. Instead, she walks her lazy dog and watches her retirement fund dwindle.Then a new client calls about a missing teenager.Roberta tracks the girl to a religious cult run by charismatic leader Anton Sinclair from his meticulously restored mansion Stanwick House. But all is not as it seems, and her life is about to change forever.Now, Roberta propels herself into a dangerous world of secret societies, ancient mysteries, and evil. She unravels a tale involving senior members of the police, notorious occultist Alexander Mountford and seventeenth-century witch Sara Wicke.THE WHOLE OF HER LAW is a paranormal mystery inspired by a love of all things weird.
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4 stars from 9 ratings
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