Christopher Nicole
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 400

The war is most dangerous when it breaths it's last...In July 1944, when the attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler fails, Germany is torn apart by suspicion, investigations and trials. In the aftermath, Anna Fehrbach, aka Countess von Widerstand, becomes Hitler’s favourite woman as she takes control, once again proving her loyalty and determination to maintain the regime.But of course, beautiful, imperious and lethal, Anna is not all she seems, and in her capacity as a British double agent was herself integral to the conspiracy. As Anna is employed more and more on missions for the Reich, her MI6 controller and lover, Clive Bartley, couldn’t be happier. But when the Russians, who Anna’s had run-ins with before, convince the Americans that she is a traitor to the Allies, Anna’s life is in real danger. How will she cope with the last nine months of the war and the collapsing ...
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