Amie Denman
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 178

They have some history…but do they have a future?Karen Worthy’s world is about freedom and the future. She writes the computer code and runs the programs that keep Coastal Cruise Line ships afloat. Setting her own schedule and hopping aboard ships whenever she chooses is the perfect life. However, her cruise aboard the Grand Islander brings her face to face with someone who lives for the past and the ordered academic world.Professor Perry Lamb is thrilled to be the onboard historian for the Grand Islander’s summer history cruise. There’s nothing he loves more than sharing his love of history with interested people who share his passion, but he vividly remembers Karen Worthy, the undergrad who was unimpressed by his knowledge of the past. As he cruises historic sites along the Eastern Coast of the United States, he needs technical help with a project crucial to his college tenure, and ...
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