E.M. Jaye
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 264

She is a woman who never knew love…Over one hundred years ago, two billion humans lost their lives to the Erains during the Purge War. If not for the Gelders all of us would have been wiped out. All we had to do was allow our women to be claimed every year. A small price to pay to avoid extinction.But for twenty years, none of us have been claimed.I was born twenty years ago, on Claiming day. Now I find myself going through my first Claiming as I have come of age today. I can’t shake the feeling that something is going to happen.Something life changing.He was a warrior who never knew gentleness…For twenty years, Danion the Warrior King has waited for his mate to be of age so he could claim her. For twenty years he has fought the mate bond madness. For twenty years he has waited. He is done waiting now.He will claim his mate. He will make her his. He will make her his Claimed ...
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