Mike Wehner
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 304

She killed my best friend. Shame on me.She lied and said it was self-defense. Shame on me.She wrote a book about it. Shame on you.It's been three years since chef Erin shot her boyfriend, John, five times during a domestic dispute. Two years since she was found not guilty on murder charges by way of self-defense. And one year since she opened Essen, a German restaurant in San Francisco's East Bay. You can read all about it in her memoir; there's a copy on the front seat of the car parked in front of Essen. The man in the driver's seat was John's best friend, Alex, a former engineer. He’s abandoned his career to take justice into his own hands, what he doesn't know is that soon he'll be inside, using those hands to peel carrots for the girl who can cook.The Girl Who Can Cook is about all of us. It's about ramen noodles. And impractical love. And grief. And the way we each carry our ...
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