Anastasia Alexander
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 324

Who Will Charissa Choose?When her niece becomes gravely ill, Charissa can only afford the needed treatment if she returns to the reality TV show Millionaire Engagement. Known from the previous season as the “Dumped Before Dinner” girl, Charissa dreads her role as its new star, when all she really wants is to swear off men and live a Walden Pond life. That dream is dashed when she’s placed inside a whirlwind of cameras recording every move of her dating experience with millionaire bachelors flown to her on California’s Catalina Island.So many gorgeous, rich men vying to win her love . . . Will she pick Forester, the sexy, buff, neat freak from the tough side of LA? Shawn, the laid-back Wisconsin dairy farmer with the amazing blue eyes, who shares a similar background? Maybe Andrew, the handsome, big-hearted, successful insurance guy? How about Rocco, the tall, dark, Rhode Island ...
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