K T Bowes
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 282

The last hive has fallen.Only one queen remains.Should the world trust its fate to an angry sixteen year old?They told her the hive wasn't real. They said she shouldn’t let her imagination run wild. They told her it was time to grow up and stop day dreaming. Estefania's privileged childhood is finished. It ended with the arrival of the Forlornn battleship which brought danger with it on the next high tide. The natural world is in turmoil and an unexpected winter begins without warning. The bees are disappearing and the City of Men doesn't care.But Estefania knows the hive she visits is real and so are the bees. She knows because she’s the last queen. This is the first book in A Keeper's War trilogy. Start reading today and never again view bees in the same way.
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