Mike Gaffy
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 130

Do you want the jokes that your family desperately wants to hide from you?The quick one liners which will earn you the respect of dads everywhere?Every day millions of dads encounter situations which they wish they just had that quick come back line or joke, but missed the moment.We all know that frustrated feeling and how long it sticks with us.Are you one of them?You see, most dads make that small mistake when they really don’t have to.These jokes and one liners come easier than you think.And using them to timely perfection is just a few lines away.In 199 Terrible Good Dad Jokes you’ll discover:The quick one liners which are as easy as slicing through butter.The deadly groan inducing jokes which will have your kids moaning “daaad”!!The worst offensive jokes which will shock even the most heartless people.Hilarious jokes and puns even your kids will laugh at.How to annoy loved ...
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