Emma V Leech
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 257

AMAZON UK Kindle Storyteller Awards 2018 "Romance Reads You Can't Miss" Listed in the top 20 from over 6000 entrants.Dinah Osborne needs a husband and she needs one now. Not just any man will do. To meet the terms of her rather eccentric grandfather’s will, she must be safely engaged to marry a man of worth before her twenty-first birthday or she’ll not receive a penny of her rather large inheritance. Sadly her social climbing grandfather’s notions of worth and her own are not in the least alike, and nothing but a Lord will satisfy the terms of his will. But Dinah is alone in the world and has no entry into the select ranks of the ton. She does, however, know a thing or two about blackmail.Lord Benjamin Lancaster is a determined rake, a hardened gambler, and the kind of man who fills Dinah with disgust. However a title is a title, and she’s quite content to use him for her own ...
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4.5 stars from 51 ratings
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