K.A. Wiggins
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 301

Dystopian dark fantasy of dreams, choice, desire & the nightmares that feed on us.The Mara rose with the floodwaters, ravenous for the desperate, striving vitality of mortals.Luckily, haunted seventeen-year-old Cole is a master of the art of surrender.In a choice between wanting and surviving, she'll gladly feed her own ambitions and longings to the monsters in exchange for a stay of execution . . . right up until the Mara-taken dead invade her dreams.Now she can't help wanting just the one thing: to stop the nightmares before she joins the ranks of their victims.In a desperate bid to escape her fate, Cole and her ghosts scale the sterile heights of the Towers of Refuge and descend to a secret underworld of glittering debauchery.But to stop the dying, she'll have to face down more than just monsters.A not-quite-alive girl and her not-quite-dead ghost discover trusted authorities lie ...
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4 stars from 37 ratings
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