Grahame Claire
Publisher: Grahame Claire
Pages: 382

If you're a fan of organized crime, billionaire, soul-mate love stories, you don't want to miss this one... Seriously, FIVE STARs ~ ★★★★★ Tia Louise, USA Today Bestselling AuthorSome catastrophes are impossible to see coming.Others are inevitable. When I met her, I knew I couldn't keep her.That didn't stop me.For eight years I've done every thing in my power to shield her from the past that won't let me go.But the life I fooled myself into believing could last shattered.There's always a debt to pay.Giving her up is mine.And the past has just come to collect.Read the complete Paths To Love Series from USA Today Bestselling Author Grahame Claire now: It's Not Over Three Dates Righting Our Wrongs Heartbreaker Dangerous Redemption Thick As Thieves
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