Mary Schwaner
Publisher: Prairie Muse Books Inc.
Pages: 443

****2019 ILLUMINATION AWARD Silver Medal for Best eBook with a Christian world view***This true wartime drama, written in the novel format made popular by Laura Hillenbrand, reveals the experience of Dorothy Joy Kinney Chambers M.D. and her family. From her primitive missionary hospital to starvation in the prison camp, Dorothy's story will grip your heart and inspire your admiration.This sweeping biographical novel brings to life the dramatic experience of a valiant woman who, armed only with the white coat of her profession, found the courage to live her life on the razor’s edge and survived it. It’s a captivating story of service and sacrifice, of love and the searing emotions that gripped this missionary doctor throughout her imperiled course.Medical school was not a welcoming place for women in 1928, but for Dorothy Joy Kinney it was the only place that could fulfill her dream. ...
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