Phil Williams
Publisher: Rumian Publishing
Pages: 303

Fairies are real. And they have guns.Pax is one rent cheque and six days away from the rough streets of Ordshaw. A big poker score should’ve settled that – but when a vagrant steals her winnings, his trail leads her to the darkest corners of the city.Pax's underworld connections can track people down, but it's not just people she needs to find. The search lands Pax in the crosshairs of a shady government Ministry and the thief’s mysterious partners.Between keeping herself alive and trying to unravel rumours of a subterranean labyrinth, Pax discovers her city hosts a whole other kind of underworld.People have disappeared simply for discovering what’s lurking under Ordshaw.To survive, Pax needs to go a lot further than that.Under Ordshaw is the first entry in a genre-bending contemporary fantasy series packed with incredible characters and unusual creatures. Once you step into Ordshaw ...
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