Heidi Radkiewicz
Publisher: Redwood Publishing, LLC
Pages: 260

Heidi Radkiewicz’ Honeymoon in Baghdad explores the challenges and joys of a new marriage beset by the horrors of war. Beyond the usual complications of limited closet space and awkward dinners with the in-laws, National Guard recruits Heidi and Jake learned that they were both shipping off to Iraq mere weeks after tying the knot. In the months that followed, intense heat, mind-numbing boredom, and the ever-present danger of roadside bombs and murderous insurgents forged this pair into a team that can take on the world. Written with grace and humor, Heidi’s account of this formative period in her young marriage is a lesson in the unwavering power of faith, hope, and finding joy in unexpected places. From bucket showers to palm-sized water beetles, Heidi’s message is clear: hold tight to the people you love, take comfort in the man by your side, and keep a look out for anything ...
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