McKenzie Austin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 467

She and the others were the blood of the land.The ones who breathed oxygen into the continent of Panagea. But not unlike all the old-world legends, they were nowhere to be found, and faded from memory.Centuries later, industrial advancements separated mankind from their need for gods. It also eviscerated the land. "Do not let them know. Control the chaos. Keep them safe."Nicholai Addihein followed this advice from Panagea’s elder division leaders since he took up control of Southeastern. But maintaining the illusion that all is well gets harder to accomplish. Then, it happened. One decision. For Nicholai’s unexpected act of treason, Panagea decays faster. Millions are dead. The division leaders want his head. But the worst is yet to come. After landing in the company of the fabled Captain Kazuaki Hidataka and his crew of societal rejects, Nicholai discovers her: Umbriel, the key to ...
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