Annie Boone
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 170

Christina Bristol has learned to ignore the stares and slurs. That doesn't mean she doesn't notice them. That doesn't mean the rudeness of others doesn't affect her. When she knows her life can't get better where she is, she finds the plan her mother left for her. So she makes a difficult decision and goes to Rocky Ridge, Colorado.Mitchell Powell had overheard people talking about his birthmark all his life. He tried to hide it. He never showed that side of his face to anyone unless he had to. Eventually, he withdrew and spent as little time in town as possible. Horses never made fun of how he looked.When Christina and Mitchell meet, they're drawn to each other. They both try to let down their guards to see where it could lead. But do they have what it takes to forget their insecurities and trust each other? Are they strong enough to shut out the gossip and the ugly talk from people who ...
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