D.B. Steward
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 288

Kelly King is a disgraced ex FBI agent with a history of making bad decisions. As a bounty hunter for the mob, her job is to find people that don't want to be found. When she is given the task to find Sonny Moretti, the world's deadliest assassin, she is drawn into the horrific world of human trafficking. Kelly and Sonny are polar opposites but fate has forced the two women together in a deadly struggle for survival. Kelly rampages through life leaving burned bridges and shattered relationships behind. Sonny lives her life in the shadows, existing on the periphery of the world, never getting close to anyone. The sparks fly when their lives collide and they find that their initial attraction to each other is growing into something more. On the run from the Russian mob and Homeland Security, the two women must rely on their wits to try and stay one step away from certain death. Can these ...
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