Michelle Lynn Brown
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 233

Wade Blackwell has been running from his past for years. His stepfather is a convicted serial rapist, and the man’s sins have cast a shadow over Wade’s life that he can’t seem to get out from under. So he drifts from job to job, place to place, unwilling to put down permanent roots. His wandering has brought him to Sheridan, Oklahoma, where he meets his new neighbor - Hayden O’Conner, his high school sweetheart who abandoned him after his sister committed suicide. While he has never stopped caring for her, he also finds she’s not the girl he remembered. She’s got a hard edge to her that has nothing to do with her Army career. Beneath her tough exterior and sharp sarcasm, he sees a broken girl, hurting and in need. Hayden O’Conner has worked hard for her Army career. But one man has ruined it because she was unwilling to comply with his sexual advances. She’s now ...
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