Rose Doss
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 192

"I enjoyed the Amish Vows Romance trilogy immensely!! Rose Does has a wonderful gift to describe the characters situation, their life, their conversations, and their feelings." ~ Leslie Valentine--Enoch Miller was Kate Bieler’s first love, but when it was time for her to go on rumspringa he cut all communication with her. Furious, Kate married another Mann. Now she is a widow, her parents are dead, and she has an orphaned child to raise. Out of options, she turns to Gott for help.One night while praying she realizes she must marry and quickly. Unfortunately, the only single Mann in her Amish community is Enoch Miller, who hasn’t spoken to her in years. Trusting in His guidance, she summons her courage and asks Enoch to marry her.Will Enoch agree to marry her? Will he get over his anger or will he deviously devise ways to make Kate pay for the pain that she has caused him?Can Kate ...
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