Barbara Alpert
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 174

This remarkable life story tells of one woman’s battle to turn from a life of terror into the woman God destined her to become. Barbara survived a childhood of trauma and abuse only to find herself battling to overcome her dysfunctional past and generational curses handed down to her. Through her faith in the Lord, regardless of the many setbacks and continuous battles with issues from her past, layer by layer, the Lord redeemed her from the distorted, “ugly” reflection she saw in her mirror every day. Remarkably, she survived multiple suicide attempts and she has found laughter and light at the end of her ordeal. Now she wants to share her journey with others who need to know God has a destiny for everyone. Truth and transparency found within this book produces an awe-inspiring transformation and testimony to healing through the Lord. It is designed to encourage the reader to ...
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