N.C. Lewis
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 699

Cozy Mystery Fan Looking For Something Different? Grab this Cozy Mystery five Book Box Set from Author N.C. Lewis's popular Ollie Stratford Cozy Mysteries series. Enjoy hour upon hour of good, clean, humorous, reading with characters you will grow to love! BOOK1: TEXAS TROUBLES Middle-aged Professor Ollie Stratford's been hounded by a psycho realtor, outrun by a bunch of grandma’s, taken advice from sock puppets, stuck in a brimming toilet bowl, and almost run out of college by a drunken professor. How is that for her first few days in a quiet little Texas town she never wanted to live in? BOOK 2: CREEK CRISISWhen a mysterious Portuguese film producer hires Ollie Stratford's event center she thinks it is going to be fun and games... until the brawling and fisticuffs amongst the Divas break out followed by Murder! BOOK 3: BITTER BONESWhen the bones of beloved local, Garrick ...
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4 stars from 54 ratings
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