Richard Woodman
Publisher: Sharpe Books
Pages: 303

The William Marshal Series - Book 2“This series could develop into something very special. Richard Woodman knows how to tell a story, but has a healthy respect for history... Compulsive reading.” Saul David"The general reader will be engrossed in the narrative, while students of the era will admire Woodman’s accurate eye for historical detail and vocabulary and his incisive reveals of the customs and attitudes of the time." Paul BannisterWilliam Marshal returns from the Holy Land to witness a country - and a father and son - at war.The knight is torn between his ambition and duty.Henry II's powers are diminishing and the King finds himself fighting against both Richard the Lionheart and Philip Augustus of France. Yet Marshal keeps his oath to serve his monarch.But, after the death of Henry, Marshal pledges his allegiance to Richard and vows to protect England, as the Lionheart journeys ...
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