Libbie Hawker
Publisher: Running Rabbit Press
Pages: 523

A city on the verge of collapse. A woman ahead of her time.Seattle, 1888. Economic ruin and dangerous riots have stripped this once-booming city of its former glories, leaving a near-empty husk. The town is ripe for reinvention, if any person has the guts - and the capital - to make Seattle their own.Miss Lou Graham, recently arrived from San Francisco, intends to rebuild Seattle from the ground up. She has ample wealth, wits, and courage to take on the powerful Reformers, the political party that have ushered Seattle to the brink of disaster. But when she meets Amber, the tempestuous “fallen woman” who captures her heart, Lou must choose between love and her dreams of success. A lady rescuing the city is scandalous enough; will anyone in Seattle deign to work with a lady who loves other women?As Lou struggles to revive the city and to confront her own desires, she is joined by new ...
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