Tom Simmons
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 217

Great heroes come in all shapes and sizes.Dax is a young dragonfly who craves adventure away from his mundane life as a scribe in the Citadel Academy. When the tyrannical Hawker Clan, intent on bringing about the end of the Citadel and the Odonata who live within, come close to discovering the whereabouts of a powerful book of fire magic stolen from them long ago, Dax is flung into a desperate mission to find the book before they do.Join Dax as he races across the lands beyond the safety of the Citadel with the alluring Emerald Ranger Yslana, chased by the Hawkers and a nightmarish creature intent on their demise.Can he save the world he loves from certain destruction or must he watch it burn?"The Jracon's Burden" is a tense and action-packed fantasy novel set in a vivid world that might be right under our noses."The Jracon's Burden" has been awarded the BooksGoSocial Gold Quality Mark
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