M.J. Bell
Publisher: MTB Publishing Inc. LLC
Pages: 247

... a delightfully suspenseful thriller." - Kirkus Reviews An intriguing stranger. A time machine. A young woman intent on reclaiming her old life by going back in time. What could possibly go wrong?College student, Kat Chambers, lived a charmed life that would rival any princess' until the night the love of her life was murdered. In that one grim moment, her beautiful dream turns into her worst nightmare, and with her true love gone, there's no one to wake her from the horror.Eighteen months later, Kat has a chance encounter with an intriguing stranger who leads her to a time machine. Convinced this is a way to get her boyfriend back, she hatches a risky scheme to sneak into the science lab after hours to use the time machine and go back in time to stop the killing.But from the moment Kat steps into the past, nothing goes as planned, and it quickly becomes clear that fate has its own ...
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5 stars from 24 ratings
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