Angharad Thompson Rees
Publisher: Little Whimsey Press
Pages: 182

“We blend our spells from fire and hell, to fill the moon with red. Her blood will spill, the world will still, until the witch is dead.” Morganne is losing all hope of ever feeling magic surge through her veins. And all the while, her sisters’ magic flourishes by the day. She will do anything for a witch heart so when she discovers a mysterious grimoire full of dark spells and darker promises, Morganne is compelled to learn its secrets.But all magic comes with a price, and soon Morganne’s seemingly innocent desire puts all she knows and loves in mortal danger, and opens a door into terrible secrets full of passion, madness, and revenge.The price for knowledge is life—and somebody is going to have to pay...Enjoy the sequel to Witch Hearts in this epic new episode - where the hunt for evil just got real!
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