TJ Spencer Jacques
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 481

Critically acclaim Nine Notches was Tillson #1 novel for Book Clubs.What if you discovered something from your past that was so dark, so sinister, it caused you inescapable humiliation? In this brilliant suspense thriller - Nine Notches captures the accounts of two friends: Brandon Fortier & Sherman Campbell who set out on a journey to discover the truth about their families, only to realize that past revelations can cause current scars. What was it like being an enslaved woman: only to give birth to another slave? What was it like to receive your freedom, but you’ve lost too much to leave? Nine Notches is more than just another novel; it’s an introduction to life in New Orleans as told by a descendant of a French Quarter Slave. Spanning from 1835 New Orleans to present day – this riveting novel explores the gratification of finding the answers to all of your questions, and the ...
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