Rob Kosberg
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 93

Welcome to the age of specialization. The EXPERT era as I like to call it. We live in the most affluent and comfortable era in the history of mankind. It has all come about due to specialization. For the do-it-yourselfer this is a blessing and a curse. I remember changing the spark plugs in my car and giving it a tune up. I even recall putting a new carburetor on. Those days are long gone – do cars even have carburetors any longer? Most tasks now require unique skills and experience to solve unique problems and issues. Experts we call them.On the pages that follow are just such a group of people, experts all with the experience, education and skills to match. You’ll hear stories of challenge and conflict, you’ll get expert advice that could cost you thousands of dollars, and our hope is that you will also be encouraged to be the expert in your field that someone else needs YOU to ...
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