Andrew C Broderick
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 71

The traitor in the Strike Force Retaliation team could bring death on them all...The disastrous ambush at Yasta Relissarium mine ends impossibly badly, when the SFR escape ship breaks apart on reentry to Carristoux. The crash is fatal. The Yasta are being tipped off, and thwarting SFR at every turn. This can only mean one thing: mission plans are being leaked to the enemy ahead of time. But, who is the Yasta agent among the small team? No one is spared from the finger of suspicion. But, only one member was in all the right places at the right times. Will the traitor be caught? And will SFR even exist after the fury of the Carbonari leadership falls on them?Don’t miss Firestorm, a new space opera adventure by sci-fi writer Andrew Broderick!If you like epic battles, action-packed adventures, and edge-of-your-seat suspense, you will love The Relissarium Wars Series!
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