Steve Moretti
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 328

An epic time-travel adventure powered by love and a mysterious cello that connects two women across centuries.In 2018 an aspiring young cellist dreams of joining the National Arts Centre Orchestra in Ottawa. But after a crushing rejection, a new hope emerges in the form of a long lost music score from her dying grandmother in Scotland.When Adeena plays this music on the oldest surviving cello made in the United Kingdom, something opens the gates of time and she’s connected to another woman from the past.Their connection is undeniable.Katharine living in 18th century Scotland is also a cellist and a composer. Their connection is augmented by the love of the same man doomed to die after the Battle of Culloden in 1746.The magic of a priceless cello connects two souls that share the same heart in all that truly matters to them – love and the maddening drive to compose and to ...
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