Isabella Katterson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 120

The letter.For over sixty-five years, Stanley walked to the post office looking for his letter. No one knew what was in the letter or who it was from. All anyone knew is that he came every single day looking for it.What made his search even more puzzling was the fact that Stanley suffered a major head injury just before he started looking for it. He had no recollection of the accident or the months preceding it. Even his short-term memory had been affected.Robyn, who worked at the post office, knew there had to be something to this mysterious letter. Knew that Stanley remembered something from his past.Determined to solve the mystery, Robyn embarks on a journey — a journey that not only unlocks the secret in Stanley's mind — but forces her to confront her own painful past.A past that only God can help her deal with.Love's Sweet Whisper is a Christian novella.
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