C.J. Bernstein
Publisher: Ackerly Green Publishing
Pages: 366

A supernatural secret, a race to thwart a sinister magic, and one young woman’s strange inheritance, that could change her life, and history itself. Adapted from the one-of-a-kind online literary experience, where readers and characters worked together to uncover magical secrets and expose a centuries-old literary conspiracy. The Monarch Papers: Flora & Fauna ushers in a new era of storytelling, pushing the narrative beyond the page and into the hands of its readers."A compelling and chilling tale of books, magic, and obsession."  — William Shunn"This is a must-read for anyone looking for a tale of modern magic; and along with it, a community of love, passionate creativity, and the ardent belief in the big magic of small things." — Mariah Garrell"CJ Bernstein has created an experience that, whether you only join the website, or only read the book, blends magic and reality in a ...
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5 stars from 34 ratings
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