Alexandra Noir
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 123

Elsa has everything that she thought she wanted. Great grades in college, awesome friends who support her every step of the way, an apartment all of her own – oh, and a thriving dominatrix business that has dozens of men across campus crawling to her to indulge their deepest and darkest desires. But something about getting everything she wants, even from legions of willing submissive men, has started to grate on her. She wants something new and different, she craves a challenge. Someone more powerful than the usual guys she dominates. Maybe someone she even looks up to. She sets her sights on David Hilton, her law professor and an undeniably sexy silver fox. As Elsa finds excuses to get closer to her professor, she finds herself addicted to the thought of him and her together – and wonders how far she can push their chemistry-laden relationship before it breaks. Alexandra Noir ...
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