Lee Wardlow
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 236

Danni RoseThe Sherwood SeriesDanni knew what she wanted. She had known for some time but convincing Walker they were right together was another matter.He was Matt, her brother’s best friend. Walker had always looked out for Danni. He had gotten into some trouble thanks to his brother, Jesse. He took the rap for a crime he didn’t commit.Five years later and three years of probation, he was free and clear, but his past still haunts him. Danni doesn’t care about any of that even though Walker does.So many things will work against them. Walker’s own thoughts and feelings on their relationship first and foremost. Even the return of Danni’s first love, Jackson doesn’t change her mind about Walker.What Danni Rose wants, Danni Rose gets. She just needs to wear Walker Wild down. She needs to show him they can have it all. The perfect life if he will just give them a chance...
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