Eric Morgan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 356

When a small town Deputy Sheriff sets his sights on seducing the local forensic DNA analyst, he unwittingly stumbles upon an underground child pornography ring. What follows is a tangled web of deceit and irrational justification wrapped around a corrupt Child Protective Services division, the internal rationale of pedophiles and the long-term effects of child sexual abuse and narcissistic personalities. While exploring issues of parental rights, societal responsibilities, police brutality and American rape culture, Unseen balances suspense, intrigue and humor along with sharp wit and southern charm."...undeniable intrigue perfect for an audience looking to be captivated by the struggles and complexities found in the human psyche. The writer is brilliant at providing relevancy to a fictional novel which challenges the reader" - D. Darell Dones, PhD. FBI Consultant on Criminal ...
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