Bill Smith
Publisher: Bill Smith Books
Pages: 57

Outlaw Galaxy: Little Wind and Other Tales(Outlaw Galaxy 4, short story collection) Five short stories of magic, wonder and adventure among the stars and distant worlds of Outlaw Galaxy:* "Little Wind." Charrogarn has been told he is the _Pyarrun Senn_, destined to save his world from the Ghat'han invaders and preserve his peoples' most sacred traditions. And it all feels like a lie.* "Here. Alone." There's nothing better than spending the day watching the starships coming in to land at the starport, imagining what their stories might be....* "One Man's Trash." No matter how desperately you need a new starship, don't trust your co-pilot to pick it out....* "We've Come A Long Way." A tavern on a StarStation, a well-deserved rest after a long journey across the stars ... and a moment of reflection amidst a bar fight.* "Echoes." A father and son share a very special memory of the ...
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