Eldon Farrell
Publisher: Ascendant Ink
Pages: 426

It takes a certain kind of evil to save this city.Nathan works outside the law he’s sworn to uphold. As a rogue detective, he rules the streets of Union City through fear and intimidation. But nothing lasts forever.He has been betrayed. If the damning allegations stick, Nathan will lose everything. Including his freedom. When his search for the traitor uncovers a greater evil preying upon the innocent though, he’s left with a choice.Is he the hero they need, or the villain they fear?What Readers are Saying:“A Gritty, In-Your-Face, Futuristic Crime Novel! Captures your attention from the very first line.” – JB Richards, Author of The Dragon’s Heir Trilogy“Singularity exploded on the page for me, and demonstrated what a fertile imagination can create when unrestricted by the boundaries of more conventional genres.” – Joanna Elm, Author of Scandal“Brilliant. Very gritty and tough ...
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4.5 stars from 45 ratings
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