Penny Wylder
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 414

I never wanted a wife. Until I met her.All my life I've been a lone-wolf. My favorite things are fast cars and a glass of brandy after a long day.Things were perfect. Until my father reminded me he controls my inheritance.If I don't bring a wife to the next family vacation, he's cutting me off.I hate having my hand forced...But I've got a plan.I asked my assistant to find me the most non-wife-material girl he can dig up.Once I parade her in front of my father, he'll be begging me to divorce her.I'll keep my inheritance without having to change my life for anyone.It seemed so easy.Then I met her.She's everything I never knew I wanted.And when she finds out I picked her because I thought she'd never fit into my world...It'll break her heart.This novel contains a hot alpha billionaire who NEEDS a wife. He won't rest until she's locked down with his ring on her finger. NO cheating, lots of ...
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