Martyn McGrath
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 175

Be a hero? He just wanted to be normal.Alec Breen yearns to rise above the wreckage of his broken family. When two otherworldly beings plead with him to come to their mysterious realm, Alec must choose between the life he’s always hated and a future where nothing is certain, not even survival.But timing is everything, even worlds away. Unfortunately for Alec, an ancient and insatiable evil has awakened, casting its insidious shadow across Altharia. With darkness threatening to conquer all, Alec discovers he is a hopebreather - a being with access to incredible power.Will Alec survive long enough to master his new ability and give Altharia hope? Or will Khubas the Betrayer and his Kashani hordes conquer all?Don’t miss "Door to Altharia," the first of the Trials of the Hopebreather series by Martyn McGrath. If you like fantastic worlds, fascinating magic, and thrilling battles ...
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