Tara A. Devlin
Publisher: Orochi Press (July 20, 2018)
Pages: 264

Think you know urban legends? Think again.Perhaps you’ve heard of Kuchisake-onna, the slit-mouthed woman who cuts your mouth from ear to ear?How about Sugisawa, the cursed village that damns all who stumble upon it?Did you know that people lurk in the suicide forest waiting to claim victims of their own?Toshiden: Exploring Japanese Urban Legends features over 60 of the most terrifying legends to come out of Japan, all painstakingly researched and—for many—translated into English for the first time. From supernatural creatures to medical mishaps, horrific crimes to chilling secrets of the entertainment industry, nobody does horror quite like Japan.Click the BUY NOW button to discover the hidden secrets behind these legends. After all, the truth is often stranger than fiction.
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